A few pieces of the Sherrill Family Puzzle

Here are some tidbits for those interested in Sherrill genealogy.
This site has information primarily about one Sherrill line beginning with William Sherrill, the Conestoga Trader of Pennsylvania and Maryland.
The information presented is believed to be correct and has been verified to a certain extent. However, I am not a professional genealogist and I realize there are always valid points of contention.
You will find maps and pictures of Sherrill's Ford, North Carolina and selected pictures from this line of the Sherrill family.

NEW - June 2006 Colonial Sherrills' Land in Maryland and Pennsylvania - documents and maps; William the Conestoga Trader and Adam Sherrill his son.

NEW - July 2002 Hickory Tavern Monument in Hickory, NC showing a citizens committee in 1769 including several of Adam's sons.

NEW - July 2002 Sherrill's of Indiana, including pictures of the Sherrill and Crawford Cemeteries and link to a letter written by Isaac Sherrill about his visit to North Carolina in 1884.

NEW - January 2002 A map showing places where Sherrills are known to have lived and locations from which I have received email messages.

SHERRILL NEWSLETTER September 27, 1983 written by Bill Sherrill :: This is a replication of pages 31 and 32

Here are the primary links on this page

Samuel Sherrill of East Hampton, Long Island

Progenator of the 'Northern' Sherrills

William Sherwell of Cecil County, MD and Lancaster County, PA

Progenator of the 'Southern' Sherrills

Life and Times of Augusta County, Virginia

odds and ends

My Sherrill Story


Sherwells of Devon

English ancestors, pictures of Devon, Parish records and wills from the 1600s.

My 15 Generations

A huge table showing my ancestral line through 15 generations of the Sherrill Family

Other Branches

Lists of some of the other family branches of Adam Sherrill and families of children within other branches

Adam's Ancestors

English ancestors of Adam Sherrill, the Pioneer


Links to pictures submitted by other Sherrills to this site.


Table of cousins- 2nd, 3rd, 4th cousins; how many times removed, etc.

Virtual Cemetery I

Headstones around Sherrill's Ford, Caldwell County and Hickory, NC.

Sherrill's Ford Cemetery

headstone transcriptions by Mary Davis
Catawba County(*)

Sherrill Page of the Catawba County Historical Museum, The Rhodes Room(*)

Catawba County Databases(*)

Index of Cemeteries in Catawba County(*)
Caldwell County(*)

Sherrills Buried at Grace Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery
Burke County(*) Lincoln County(*)


A series of maps showing the territorial expansion of the U. S. from 1775-1900 Map of trails and paths of Western North Carolina in the mid-1700s Sherrill connection to the Revolutionary War - Battle of Kings's Mountain, Muster at Sycamore Shoals and Quaker Meadows including Overmountain Victory Trail
1. Evidence of William Sherwell in Antigua in 1749

2. Adam Sherrill escorted a moravian missionary to western NC

3. Maryland Gazette 1721-1761
compiled by Karen Mauer Green, Frontier Press, Galveston, 1989, [p.25]
from the Maryland Gazette, Tuesday, 24 June 1746, No. 61
Capt. William Sherwill, of the ship Diamond, regarding his crewmen: Thomas Humphrys (age 26 years, born in the County of Sussex in England), James Peacock (aged about 20, born in the North of England), Martin Hodge (aged 22 years, born in the North of England), Christian Poulson (aged 28 years, born in Denmark), Christopher Earthforth (born in Rhode Island, aged about 19), Thomas Pool (born in New England, aged about 24).
Who is this person???

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Sherrill's Ford Sights

Click here for a copy of the document soliciting contributions for the monument. [contributed by Stephen P. Sherrill]
Monument at the home of Elliot Sherrill


AUG. 2, 1929


Adam Sherrill's route from Maryland to North Carolina
Click on the map for detail of trails and rivers.
Map of the mid-Atlantic wilderness showing
a probable route taken by Adam Sherrill from
Cecil County, Maryland to Sherrills Ford.
This route was probably an Indian trail through
the Shenandoah Valley. It eventually came to be called
the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road.
Also shown is the area of Augusta County, Virginia
where Adam Sherrill is known to have settled for a while.
His third son, Uriah, was born there in 1728? and his
granddaughter, Sarah, was born there in 1746 just
before the whole family moved on to North Carolina.

Keep in mind that Adam Sherrill's trek pre-dates
 Daniel Boone's  arrival in Rowan by at least 10 years.
He did not discover the Cumberland Gap until 1769

Click here for a detailed modern map of the mid-Atlantic region showing the area of Cecil County, Maryland and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as well as the Susquehanna River area where Wiiliam and Adam lived in the early 1700s. You can also see Long Island where Samuel Sherrill was shipwrecked.
Map of North Carolina counties in 1775 showing the Catawba River (blue) and Sherrill's Ford (red).
Clink on the map for the history of the formation of area counties.
Modern county map of North Carolina showing Catawba County, the Catawba River and location of Sherrill's Ford.

Map of the southeastern corner of Catawba County, North Carolina showing the Town of Sherrill's Ford and probable site of Adam Sherrill's crossing of the Catawba River.
This modern map shows how the daming of the river has caused Lake Norman to be formed, flooding the original historical sites.
View near the site of Sherrill's Ford Crossing (now under water at the northern end of Lake Norman)
looking from Iredell County back toward Catawba County at Island Point.
Present day U. S. Post Office at Sherrill's Ford, NC

Selected Family Pictures

The following photographs are members of the Sherrill Family from the line of ancestry beginning with William Sherrill the Conestoga Trader and proceeding to Adam Sherrill, the Pioneer, then to Captain William Sherrill, Jacob Sherrill, Babel Sherrill, Joshua Sherrill, Joseph Calvin Sherrill, Henry Jones Sherrill, Frank Sherrill, then to me, Steven Sherrill and finally to my son, Jason Sherrill. See complete ancestry chart below.

Click here for a family reunion photograph of descendents of Joseph Calvin Sherrill. It was taken at Highland Baptist Church in Hickory, NC in the early 1970s.

Frances Eleanor Yount wife of Joseph Calvin Sherrill.
photograph taken probably in the 1890's.

This is a picture of some of the Sherrill family living in Hickory, NC taken in the 1940's
(l - r) Martha Jane Smith, John Dolf Sherrill, Genelia Sherrill Turner, Henry Jones Sherrill, Mary Ella Morrow, & James Edward (Jim) Sherrill.

Henry Jones Sherrill and wife, Mary Ella Morrow; parents of Frank Sherrill
photograph taken in 1947
click here for a picture of their children

Betty Jean Pearson Sherrill & Frank J. Sherrill
parents of Steven L. Sherrill, compiler of this web site gallery.
photograph taken in late 1996

15 Generations of the Sherrill Family, 1585 - 2001

-2 William
-1 Adam
0 William Honour Marye
1 William ?Elizabeth ?Anna ?Adam ?Dewence
2 Samuel *Adam William Mary Uriah John Margaret
3 William Samuel Uriah Adam Aquilla Isaac Jacob Moses Catherine
4 Mary Sarah Jacob William Joshua Agnes Elisha Moses Elizabeth Ruth
5 Henrietta Rebecca Babel Agnes Sarah Catherine Thurza Margaret Rachael
6 Jacob John William Caleb Elizabeth Louisa Sarah Joshua Joseph Susannah Babel
7 William George John Simpson Joseph
8 Louise Henry John Genelia David Noah James Nora George
9 Minnie Ora Ethel Lela Lovie Roy Lawrence Jessie Maude Edgar Garland Vernal Frank
10 Steven June Scott
11 Jason
12 Sarah Savannah

Master Table of Ancestors of Jason Sherrill

*First generation siblings of William(1) are shown in italics since there are conflicting reports as to their pedigree.

-2 William Sherewell , b. abt. 1585
-1 Adam Sherewell , b. ca. 1610, m. Marye 16 July 1632
0 William Sherewell, ch. 7 June 1635
m. Margery Upright, 1658
Honour, b. 1639Marye, b. 1643
1 William, the Conestoga Trader b. ca.1667
m. Margaret ? Rudisil

children: (see below, generation line 2)
Brothers and sisters of William are not substantiated.

There is apparently NO RELATIONSHIP between these Sherrills and those represented by Samuel Sherrill who was shipwrecked at East Hampton, Long Island, New York.
??Elizabeth ??Samuel ??Anna ??Adam ??Dewence
2 Samuel Adam, the Pioneer b. ca.1699
m. Elizabeth ? Corzine

children: (see below, generation line 3)
William b.1702
m. Jean Wilson
1. David b.1765
Mary Uriah(Ute) b. ca.1695 John Margaret b. 1701
m.1 Elisha Perkins
children 1:
1. Elizabeth b.1719
2. Margaret b.1721
3. Elisha b.1721
4. Phillis b.1725
5. Joshua b.1728
6. Ute b. 1729
7. William Sherrill b.1730
8. John (Gentleman) b.1733
9. Elisha b.1734
10. Joshua b.1735
11. Phillis b.1737
12. Margarette b.1739
(m.2) Christopher Hoomes
children 2:
1. William
3 William (Capt.) b.1723
m. Agnes White

children: (see below, generation line 4)
Samuel b.1725
m. Mary Preston(Davidson)
1. Samuel b.ca.1748, d.1791
2. Susan b.ca.1752, d.1785
3. Catherine (Bonnie Kate) b.1775, d.1836, m. John Sevier
4. John b.1762, d.1823
5. Uriah b.1757, d.1838, m.(1778)Frances Dobson
6. Adam b.1758, d.1828, m.3 Rebecca Kilgore
7. William b.1759, d.1840, m. Rebecca Overstreet
8. Mary Jane b.1767, d.1856
9. George Davidson b.ca.1761, d.1840, m. Elizabeth Hunt
10. Aqulla
Uriah(Ute) b.1728
m. Judith Lewis
1. Rachael b.1754
2. Joseph b.1756
3. Sarah b.1758
4. Lewis b.1761
5. Isaac b.1763
6. David b.1765
7. Enos b.1767
8. Benjamin b.1769
9. Esther b.1773
10. Ruanna b.1775
11. Eleanor b.1778
Adam b. 1731
m.1 Elizabeth Lowrance
m.2 Sina Corzine
children 2:
1. Nicholas b.1772
2. Eli b.1774
3. Evan b. 1776
4. Joshua b.1778
5. Alexander b.1780
6. Susan b.1782
7. Agnes b.1784
8. Polly b.1786
9. Ruth b. 1788
10. Betsy b.1790
Aquilla(Quillar) b.1733
m. Lucretia Wilson
1. Abenton
2. Violet, m.Harrison Hutcheson
3. Margaret, m. Thomas Wilson
4. Ruth, m. John Pryor
5. Elisha, m. Catherine
6. Rachel b.1760, m. Nicholas Lloyd
7. Abraham b. 1764
8. Huldah b. 1766, m. William Wilson
9. Isaac b. 1768
Isaac b.1736 Jacob b.1739
m. Hulda Wilson
1. Samuel Wilson b.1758, m.(1782)Elizabeth Thomas
2. Ruben b.1760
3. Uriah b.1762
4. Abel b.1765
5. Jacob b.1767, m.(1786)Elizabeth Perkins
6. Ephriam b.1773
7. Mary Polly b.1775
8. Patience b.1777
9. Rebecca b.1779
10. Ambrose b.1780
11. Lucretia b.1781
Moses b.1742
m. Sarah Simpson
1. Aquilla b.1771
2. Aaron b.1774
3. William b. 1776
4. Michael b. 1779
5. Cassandra b.1783
6. Moses b.1786
7. Absalom b.1789
8. Sarah (Sally) b.1791, m. Joseph Sherrill
Catherine b.1744
4 Mary b.1731
m. Joshua Perkins
1. Sarah b.1759
Sarah b.1746
m. Ruben Simpson
Jacob b.1748
m.1 Margaret Lawrence
m.2 Sarah Massey b. 1754
children: (see below, generation line 5)
William b.1754
m. Isabelle Lawrence
1. Margaret b.1774, m.(1894)Matthew Cox
2. Isaac b.1776, m.(1795)Mabel Durham
3. Alexander b.1778, m.1(1798)Elizabeth Payne, m.2(1815)Elizabeth Ridings
4. Sarah b.1781, m.(1800)William Gray
5. William b.1783, m.(1815)Isabelle Gray
6. Aaron b.1783 (twin of William)
7. Mary b. 1785, m.(1810)Jacob Winkler
8. David b.1787, m. Therza Litton
9. Lydia b.1790, m. Isham Litton
Joshua White b.1752
m. Susannah Osborne
1. Jesse b.1775
2. Levi M. b.1776
3. Joshua b.1781
4. Sarah b.1783
5. John b.1785
6. James b.1790
7. Hugh b.1792, m.(1818)Anna Litton, b.1797
8. Elisha b.1794, m.(1831)Elizabeth B. Milligan
Agnes b.1754
m. David Lawrence
Elisha b.1758
m. Leah Litton
1. Catherine b.1778
2. Wesley b.1779
3. Rebecca b.1783(twins)
4. Silas b.1783(twins)
5. Sarah b.1784
6. Agnes b.1787
7. Ruth b.1788
8. Aram b.1790, m.(1815)Susan Linebarger b.1796
9. Mary b.1791
10. Leland b. 1793
11. Lewis b. 1795
12. Tabatha b. 1798
13. Martha b.1800
Moses(Mode) b.1759
m. Martha Osborne
Elizabeth b.1763
m. William Simpson
Ruth b.1765
m. James Holsclaw
5 Henrietta b. 1773, d.1843
m. James H. Moore
1. Sarah b.1794, m.?Connelly
2. Babel b.1795, m.(1820)Elizabeth Banning Fullwood
3. John b.1797
4. Mary b.1799, m.?Dysart
5. Rebekah b.1800, m.?Neal
6. Rachel b.1803, m.?Higgins
7. Anna Belle b.1805, m.?Wakefield
8. James b.1807
9. Jacob b.1809
10. Henrietta b.1811, m.?Hale
11. Joseph b.1814, m.Sarah?
12. Agnes Selina b.1817, m.(1835)Daniel P. Johnson
Rebecca b.1775, d.1855
m. William Connelly
Sarah m. John Fleming b.1797, d.1836
Babel b.1778, d.1851
m.1(1797)Elizabeth Connelly b.1778

(see below, generation line 6)

m.2 Susannah Connelly b.1786
Agnes b.1781, d.1830
m. Joshua Ballew
Sarah b.1783
m. David Ballew
Catherine b.1786
m. Abner Payne
Thurza b.1788, d.1862
m. David Settlemire
Margaret b.1791, d.1856
m. Henry Whitener
1. Zora Babbel b.1815
2. Aaron Sherrill b.1817
3. Sarah M. Sally b.1819
4. Mary Ann b.1821
5. Henry H. b.1822
6. Daniel A. b.1824
7. Jacob M. b. 1827
8. Margaret Ritty b. 1829
9. Lawson F. b.1831
10. Thesesa Thurza b.1835
11. Agnes C. b.1837
Rachael b.1794, d.1840
m. Phineas Stevenson
6 Jacob b.1798, d.1886
m.(abt.1830)Anne Harris
John b.1800, d.1879
m.1(1821)Sarah Allen
m.2(1837)Thurza Woody
m.3(1851)Harriette Thomas Davis
William b.1801, d.1880
m.1 Mary Peggy Allen
m.2(1847)Mary Payne
Caleb b.1804, d.1884
m.(1832)Rebeca Harriss
Elizabeth b.1806, d.1851
m.(1844)Rev. Abraham Hayes
Louisa Jane b.1808, d.1837
m. Joseph Smith
Sarah A. b.1810, d.1885
m.(abt.1837)Thomas Payne
Joshua b.1811, d.aft.1884
m.1(abt.1835)Elizabeth Watson

children: (see below, generation line 7)

m.2(1852)Jane Louise Watson
Joseph H. b.1814, d.1897
m.(abt.1841)Sarah Ann Abernathy
1. Robert b.1841
2. a baby b.1842
3. Martin b.1843
4. Susan Emeline b.1844
5. Lafayette b.1846
6. Julius b.1847
7. Elizabeth Catherine b.1849
8. Babel W. b.1851
9. John A. b.1853
10. Joseph William b.1856
11. Julia b.1858
12. Mary A. b.1860
Susannah Mira b.1817, d.1847
m.(abt.1837)George Settlemire
Babel Wesley b.1820, d.1889
m.(1847)Amanda Moore
1. Babel Pickney b.1850
2. Andrew Philo b.1850(twin)
3. Eliza A. B.1851
4. Martha E. b.1853
5. Charles C. b.1854
6. Mary Emma b.1857
7. John R. b.1860
8. Juliett b.1862
9. George W. b.1866
10. Ida L. b.1869
7 William b.1840, d.1914
m.(1865)Mira Winkler
George Wellington b.1842, d.1899
m.(1870)Mary Jane Chester children:
1. Mary L.
2. Martha C.
3. Maude C.
John A. b.1845
m.(1874)Mary Flowers b.1857 children:
1. Elizabeth A.
2. Bertha C.
3. Tate
Simpson Jones b.1846
m.(1871)Martha Caroline Leitner
1. Mattie b.1874
2. Emma b.1877
3. Katie b.1879
4. Maggie b.1881
5. John A. b.1884
6. Viola b.1887
7. Ada b.1892
Joseph Calvin b.1848, d.1913
m. Frances Eleanor Yount
b.1852, d.1911
children: (see below, generation line 8)
8 Louise Caroline
b.1872, d.1954, m. Wylie Jones
1. Charlotte
2. Ollie
3. Thelma
4. Mamie
5. Claudia
6. Pearl
7. Oscar
Henry Jones b.1874, d. 1948
m. Mary Ella Morrow
, b.1879
children: (see below, generation line 9)
John Dolph b.1876, d.1960
m. Martha Jane Smith
1. Bruce
2. Smith
3. Eva
4. Letha
5. Sue
6. Inez
7. Rachel
8. Velma
9. Grace
Genelia Josephine b.1879 d.1961
m. Adolphus Turner
1. Carrie
2. Lillie
3. Eller
4. Perry
5. Oma
6. Grover
7. Glenn
8. Edith
9. John
10. Charles
11. Mary
12. Wade
13. Rachel
David Goodman b.1882, d.1965
m. Elizabeth Reed
1. Oscar
2. Ray
3. Edna Mae
Noah Albert b.1884,d.1939
m. Hattie Travis
1. Ralph
2. Leroy
3. Paul
4. Clarence
5. Guy
6. Effie Ray
7. Hazel
8. Faye
James Edward b.1887, d.1965
m. Gussie Smith
1. Harvey
2. Oliver
3. Walter
4. Melvin
5. Pauline
6. Cora Bell
7. Lois
Nora Gertrude b.1896, d.1902 George Gamewell b.1893, d.1963
m.1 Ada Michael
1. Colen
2. Ruth
m.2 Clydie Bowman
1. Johnnie
2. Mary Frances
3. Irene
9 Minnie b.1898, d.1996
m. Robert Hollar
1. Harold
2. Fred
Ora b.1901
m. Glenn Beeker
1. Joann
Ethel b. 1902
m.1 Oscar Lael
1. Hal
m.2 ?Thor
m.3 ?Cline
Lela b.1904, d.1997
m. Guy Alexander
1. Irvin
2. Helen
3. Eugene
4. Jack
5. Ethelred
6. Joe
7. Nancy
Lovie b.1907, d.1991
m. Bill Blalock
1. May Ann
Roy b.1908, d.1988
m. Hattie Hathcock
1. Marvin
2. Barbara Jean
Lawrence b.1910, d.1993
m. Helen Hayes
1. Harold
2. Janice
3. David
4. Judy
Jessie b.1911, d.1997
m. Carl Cox
1. Pattie
Maude b.1913
m. Ralph Bolick
1. Jerry
2. Max
3. James
4. Betty Sue
5. Linda
Edgar b.1916, d.1933 Garland b.1918, d.1997
m. Hazel Huss
1. Diane
2. Tommy
Vernal b.1919
m. John Duncan
1. John Jr.
2. Wayne
3. Donna
Frank J. b.1922
m. Betty Jean Pearson

children: (see below, generation line 10)
10 Steven L . (compiler of this web site)
m. Martha Ayers
children: (see below, generation line 11)
m. Reid McKay
Eric Scott
11 Jason
m. Wendi Leslie

children: (see below, generation line 12)
12 Sarah Elayne b. 9/22/1997Savannah Grace b. 7/5/2000

More Sherrill relations

Adam Sherrill, the Pioneer (b. abt. 1699), and Elizabeth had 8 sons and 1 daughter. Here are some of the descendants of some of them.
(please feel free to contact me with errors or omissions.)
----------------------3rd generation (grandchildren) from Adam, the Pioneer, are the parents
Children of Uriah (son of Samuel) and Frances Dobson
1. Nancy b.1788
2. Samuel Perry b.1780
3. Joseph b.1782, m. Sarah (Sally) Sherrill
4. John b.1784
5. Mary Elizabeth b.1786
6. George b.1787, m. Rutha Parks
7. Catherine b.1789
8. Wilson W. b.1791
9. Rutha b.1795
Children of Adam (son of Samuel) and (3rd wife)Rebecca Kilgore
1. Charles Kilgore b.ca.1791, d.1860
2. Samuel R. b.ca.1790, d.1866
3. Craven b.1798, d.1864, m.(1827)Mary Ann Branson
Children of Catherine Sherrill (daughter of Samuel) and John Sevier
n.b. this is not at Sherrill family, rather a Sevier family
1. Catherine Sherrill
2. Ruth
3. Joanna Goad
4. Samuel
5. Polly Preston
6. Eliza Conway
7. Robert
8. George Washington
Children of Elisha (son of Aquilla) and Catherine(unk.)
1. Johno b.1775
2. Levi b. 1777
3. Elender b.1770, m. Robert Hardin
4. Aaron b.1781, m. Sally Sandusky
5. Rebeccah b.1781, m. Jacob Sandusky
6. Lydia b.1783, m. John Montgomery
7. Delia b.1785, m. Jacob Froman
8. Polly b.1787, m. Thomas Lenhan
9. Ruth b.1789, m. James Graves
Children of Samuel Wilson (son of Jacob) and Elizabeth Thomas
1. Hugh b.1782 (d.infant)
2. Margaret(Peggy) b.1784, m.(1806)William Donnell
3. Archibald b.1786, d.1853, m.1(1809)Elizabeth Anderson, m.2(1819)Agnes Moss
4. Samuel Wilson, Jr. b.1788, m. Eva Sheets
5. Hulda b.1791, m.(1811)Eddings Chandler
6. Anne b.1791, m.1 Bailey Chandler, m.2 Gabriel Chandler
7. Elizaeth Thomas b.1796, m. Amos Bone
8. Rebeckah S. b.1800, d.1874, m.(1820)Zachariah Tolliver
9. Reuanna Newman b.1802, d.1846, m.(1827)John Perkins
10. Hughe b.1806, m.(1829)Jane Scoby
11. Alanson Nunnion b.1808, d.1832, m. Elizabeth?
Children of Jacob (son of Jacob) and Elizabeth Perkins
1. Eli
2. Colbert
3. Alfred
4. John Anderson b.ca.1793, m.(1814)Barbara Drum
5. Nancy
6. Mary
7. Ephram
------------------------4th generation (great-grandchildren) from Adam, the Pioneer, are the parents
Children of George (son of Uriah) and Rutha Parks
1. Fralley b.1807, m. Bray Sawyers
2. Nancy b.1809, m. Francis Poindexter
3. Cynthia Tabitha b.1811, m. Benjamin Rice
4. Joseph Dobson b.1812, m. Agnes Wood
5. Jonas Bedford b.1814, m. Mary Ann Hyatt
6. Catherine Masina b.1815. m. Joseph Jackson Welch
7. John C. b.1818, m. Mary (?)
8. Asaph b.1819, m. T. Catherine (?)
9. Sarah F. b.1823, m.1 Joseph Collins, m.2 Seth Atchley
10. Frances b.1825, m. John Battles
11. Virlinsha b.1827, m. Richard Watts
12. William Judson b.1831, m. Sophia Henry
Children of Craven (son of Adam) and Mary Ann Branson
1. Charles Kilgore b.1828, d.1855
2. Anna b.1829, d.1909
3. Rebecca b.1831, d.1870
4. John b.1836, d.1880
5. Adam b.1833, d.1912
6. Andrew b.1838, d.1903, m. Nancy Catherine Tollett
7. Martha b.1840, m. Samuel Hogue
8. Samuel b.1839, m. Mary Wilson
9.Nancy b.1844, d.1884
10. Jesse b.1846, d.1924
Children of Joseph (son of Uriah) and Sarah (Sally) Sherrill (daughter of Moses Sherrill)
*Note: Joseph and Sarah were cousins removed by 1 generation
1. Mary Elvira b.1812
2. Catherine Mahala b.1814
3. Moses Loftin b.1815
4. Uriah b.1818
5. Agnes Eveline b.1819
6. Samuel Wilkey b. 1822
7. Ruth b. 1825
8. Sarah P. b.1826
9. Michael Simpson b. 1828
10. Cassandra (Casssie) b.1832
Children of Isaac Sherrill(son of William) and Mabel Durham
1. Elizabeth b.1799
2. Susannah b.1800
3. Cecelia b.1803
4. Eleanor b.1804, d.infant
5. Isabella b.1806
6. Mabel b.1807
7. John Durham b.1809, m.(1830)Mary Ann Oxford
8. William Lowrence b.1810
Children of Hugh Sherrill(son of Joshua White) and Anna Litton
1. Saline b.1818
2. Franklin b.1820
3. Nancy b.1822
4. Hugh b.1824
5. Susannah b.1826
6. Margaret b.1828
7. James b.1820
8. Sarah b.1823
9. Elisha Calvin b.1835
10. John Wesley b.1837
11. William Henderson b.1840
Children of Aram Sherrill(son of Elisha) and Susan Linebarger
1. E. Levinia b.1815
2. John Smith b.1818
3. Enos b.1820, m.1(1843) Rue (Rueanna) James b.1824
4. Miles b.1820 (twin of Enos)
5. J. Arlington b.1824
6. Elbert b.1826
7. Adline b.1829
8. Jacob b.1832
9. Marcus W. b.1836
Children of John Anderson (son of Jacob) and Barbara Drum
1. Mary
2. Alfred
3. Elisha W. b.1825, m. Caroline Meek
4. Ann Melissa
5. Jack
6. Jacob
7. Susan
------------------------5th generation (great-great-grandchildren) from Adam, the Pioneer, are the parents
Children of Enos Sherrill(son of Aram) and Rue James
1. Margaret Elizabeth b.1844
2. James Monroe b.1846
3. Miles Alexander b.1848
4. John Wesley b.1850
5. Frances Lester b.1852
6. Julia Ann b.1854
7. Thomas Milton b.1857, m.(1878) Mirah Sophorah Ingram b.1862
8. Arcenia b.1858
9. Nancy Lavinia b.1861
Children of Andrew (son of Craven) and Nancy Tollett
1. Robert b.1875, d.1959, m. Laura Edwards
2. Franklin
3. William Lee
4. Samuel
5. Jesse Goodhue
6. Mary
7. Grover Cleveland
8. Martha
9. Tommy
10. Gaines
11. Aquilla H.
12. Margaret
Children of Elisha W. (son of John Anderson) and Caroline Meek
1. Vinna
2. James A. N.
3. Amanda Jane
4. Margaret Martha Ann
5. Mary L.
6. Andrew Jackson b.1855, m.(1881)Asa(Asia) Sarilla Pope
7. Franklin Anderson
8. Fredrick R.
9. Catherine
Children of John Durham Sherrill(son of Isaac) and Mary Ann Oxford
1. William Coleman b.1831
2. Martha Ann b.1832
3. Mary Caroline b.1834
4. James Melton b.1836, d.1900, m.1(1858)Lucinda Apoline Story, m.2(1862)Cynthia Caroline Barlow
5. Isaac Ira b.1838
6. Adam Carter b.1840
7. John Connelly b.1842, d.1920
8. Amanda Elizabeth b.1843
9. Sarah Isabella b.1845
10. Margaret Rebecca b.1847
------------------------6th generation from Adam, the Pioneer, are the parents
Children of Thomas Sherrill(son of Enos) and Mirah Ingram
1. Bessie Mae b.1879
2. Caroline Lester b.1881
3. Stella Lizette b.1882
4. Rhounna Sophora b.1882
5. John Elmore b.1887
6. James Cecil b.1889, m.(1912) Elizabeth Clark b.1894
7. Ural Stewart b.1891
8. Frances Lester b.1893
9. Taylor Alexander b.1896
10. Etha Madeline b.1897
11. Ivan Gibson b.1904
Children of Robert (son of Andrew) and Laura Edwards
1. Leonard
2. Raymond
3. Dossie
4. Beacher
5. Samuel
6. Marjorie
7. Bratch, m. Cleady Mathes
8. Wilker
9. Mary
Children of Andrew Jackson (son of Elisha) and Asa Pope
1. Ira(Arrie)
2. Baxter Eugene
3. James Lester
4. Martin Luther b.1886, m. Eunice?
5. Gertie M.
6. Bessie Barbara
7. Hubbard Elisha
8. Odas Oscar
9. Grover Frank
10. Sadie Edna
11. Samuel E.
Children of James Melton Sherrill(son of John) and Cynthia Barlow
1. John Pickens b.1866, m.(1890)Mary S. Ernest
2. James Finley b.1868
3. William Pinckney b.1870
4. Rufus Lafayette b.1872
5. Julia Belle b.1873
6. Flavious Josephus Melton b.1876, d.1959
7. Laura Grace b.1878
8. Martha Rebecca b.1880
9. Sarah Ellen Carter b.1882
10. infant son b.1885
11. Edward Lewis b.1886
12. Jesse Greene b.1890
13. Jane Elizabeth
------------------------7th generation from Adam, the Pioneer, are the parents
Children of Martin Luther (son of Andrew) and Eunice ?spouse
1. Andrew
2. Garland
3. Jesse
4. Ransom
5. Edna
6. Myrtle
7. Inez
8. Robert
9. Dove Lynn
Children of Bratch (son of Robert) and Cleady Mathes
1. Loucile
2. Lesley, m. Wilma Joyce Roysoon
Children of John Pickens Sherrill(son of James) and Mary S. Ernest
1. Maude R. b.1891
2. Knox Franklin b.1894, m. Lelia Huntley
3. Gus W. b.1898
4. Lou E.
------------------------8th generation from Adam, the Pioneer, are the parents
Children of Lesley (son of Robert) and Wilma Roysoon
1. Lisa Renee
2. Lesley Mike
3. Jason Chad
-----------------Connelly-Fleming branch: beginning with Sarah Connelly, child of Rebecca Sherrill and William Connelly
[1.]Sarah Connelly b.ca.1800, m. John Fleming b.1797, d.1836
one child of John Fleming and Sarah Connelly Fleming:
[2.]Thomas Jefferson Fleming b.1833, d.1921, m. Emaline Hensley
one child of Thomas and Emaline Fleming:
[3.]George Lee Fleming b.1875, d.1927, m.(1895) Margaret Ellen Epley
one child of George and Margaret Fleming:
[4.]Lola Emaline Fleming b.1901, d.1973, m.(1919)John Weatherly T. Moffitt
Children of Lola and John Moffitt, ?living (born from about 1920 - )
-----------------Donnell-Moore branch: beginning with William Donnell and Margaret(Peggy) Sherrill
Margaret(Peggy) Sherrill b.1784, m.(1806) William Donnell
children of Margaret and William Donnell:
1. Mary Elizabeth b.1807, m.(1830) David Moore
2. Samuel Wilson b.1810, m. Martha Willis Hearne
3. Martha Jane b.1812, m. John Shorter, Sr.
4. Tobert Bell b.1815, m. Annis Lee
5. Mary Margaret, m. Boad Sherrill
-------next generation-------
one child of Mary and David Moore:
1. Margaret Elizabeth, m. Abel Rufus Sherrill
-------next generation-------
one child of Margaret and Abel Sherrill:
1. Eudora


* 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 parents child g-child gg-child ggg-child gggg-child ggggg-child
2 child brother:
3 g-child uncle:
1st cousin 1st cousin
1x removed
1st cousin
2x removed
1st cousin
3x removed
1st cousin
4x removed
4 gg-child g-uncle:
1st cousin
1x removed
2nd cousin 2nd cousin
1x removed
2nd cousin
2x removed
2nd cousin
3x removed
5 ggg-child gg-uncle:
1st cousin
2x removed
2nd cousin
1x removed
3rd cousin 3rd cousin
1x removed
3rd cousin
2x removed
6 gggg-child ggg-uncle:
1st cousin
3x removed
2nd cousin
2x removed
3rd cousin
1x removed
4th cousin 4th cousin
1x removed
7 ggggg-child gggg-uncle:
1st cousin
4x removed
2nd cousin
3x removed
3rd cousin
2x removed
4th cousin
1x removed
5th cousin

All relationships must go back to common parental ancestors. To determine a relationship, select two people and locate one of them in row 1 the other in column 1 according to their realtionship to the parent source. The relationship is the cell where that row and column intersect in the table. For example, the realtionship of a gg-child (row 1, col 4) and a ggg-child (col 1, row 5) is second cousin, once removed.

English ancestors of William, the Conestoga Trader and Adam, the Pioneer, Sherrill - trans-atlantic period (ca. 1650+/-)

The following information has been studied from resources found in the Devon Record Office in Exeter, England. Some of the names and relationships are still under investigation. What I believe about Adam Sherrill's ancestry can be found in a summary document. Click here.
I believe that my study of these records extablishes two things:
1) the father (William) and the grandfather (Adam) of William Sherrill, the Conestoga Trader and
2) the fact that there were at least two branches of the Sherwell family at this time; one in Plymouth and one in Ermington.
If you can shed any light on this period please let me know and I will post anything that has supporting evidence.

Any of the variants of the spelling of the name can be considered: Sherrill, Sherrell, Sherwill, Sherewill, Shirwell, etc.

- Sherwells of Ermington/Modbury, Adam/William group Sherwells of Plymouth, Thomas/Nicholas group
1. Adam Sherwell (d. ca. 1669) of Ermington, married Marye 16 July 1632 Thomas Sherwell (b. ca. 1610) of Plymouth, Nicholas (brother)
2. Honour, c.30 June 1639 William, c.7 June 1635, m. Margery Upright who died in 1693 in England Marye, c.9 July 1643 Sherwell siblings (parent's names unk.) Thomas (brother), Nicholas (brother), Ryland (sister)
3. children of William Sherrill and Margery Upright
(note: all were born in Devon, England)

1. Elizabeth b.1659
2. Anna b.1661
3. Adam b.1672
4. Dewence b.1676
5. William b.ca.1666
children of Thomas and (wife ?): Elizabeth, Arminell, Rebecca, Thomas, John, Nehemiah
see Will transcription
Elizabeth married John Jope (children: Eunice, Elizabeth, John)
Arminell married Richard Tapper (children: Abraham, Mathias, Elizabeth)
4. * William, the Conestoga Trader (b. ca. 1666) m. Margaret Rudisil
William b.1666 in Devon, m. Mary Egford Gregory who was born in Cecil County, Maryland
no references found to
Samuel Sherrill (b. ca. 1639 in Devon, d. ca. 1719),
shipwrecked off of Long Island, N. Y.
m.1 Ann Hurst in Plymouth, Eng.
m.2 Margaret Parsons
children of Samuel Sherrill and Margaret Parsons of New York
1. Reccompence b.1678, m.1 Sarah Parsons; m. 2. Margaret Cady
2. Elizabeth b.1689, m. Hezekiah Miller
3. ? William b. 1667 ?
5. children of William, the Conestoga Trader
1. Samuel
2. Adam Sherrill, the Pioneer b. ca. 1699, m. Elizabeth Corzine?
3. William b.1702, m. Jean Wilson (children: David, Ruben, Margaret)
4. Mary
5. Ute b.1695
6. John
7. Margaret
 Points for consideration:
1. William Sherewell (b.ca.1585) is likely the father of Adam (of Ermington) but I don't know how they are related to Thomas.
2. Thomas and Adam (generation/row 1.) could have been cousins.
3. The Sherrills in generation/row 2. could also have been cousins.
4. There seems to be a split before 1580 or so, indicating two branches of the family.
5. I don't know how Samuel fits into this picture since I found no one by that name in the records I studied.

Surnames represented on this page:Sherrill, Rudisil, Wilson, Perkins, Hoomes, White, Preston, Lewis, Lowrance(Lawrence), Simpson, Lloyd, Massey, Osborne, Litten(Litton), Holsclaw, Moore, Connelly, Fleming, Ballew(Ballou), Payne, Settlemire, Whitener, Stephenson, Allen, Harriss(Harris), Woody, Davis, Hayes, Smith, Watson, Abernathy, Winkler, Chester, Flowers, Leitner, Yount, Jones, Morrow, Turner, Reed, Travis, Michael, Hollar, Beeker, Lael, Blalock, Hathcock, Cox, Bolick, Huss, Duncan, Pearson.

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